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The difficult alchemy between these two concepts, in our view, is synthetized in: strong bonds with the territory and its typical features, a maniacal and rigorous attention to the choice of raw materials (all of high quality and originating in Italy), Emilian tradition and experience….and we convey all this into our products through innovative production processes.
We have set ourselves the goal of maintaining artisan excellence, to avoid producing in a serial or standardized way, respecting emilian and national typical features.
We select raw materials which express our pleasure making pasta and gives us the chance to present proudly our products.
Among the ingredients we can include the sweetness and delicacy of the Ham seasoned on the hills of Parma, the tasty and refined 24-month old Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese which, in order not to lose fragrance, is grated for each process. These are but a few of the flavours and aromas which must involve and transport the taster into a sensorial experience.
We wish to transmit our passion and conquer those attracted by quality, supplying the highest guarantees.
The preparation processes and the technologies adopted in our company guarantee healthiness and safety (from the health as well as the organoleptic aspect), maintaining and respecting the taste without forgetting the healthy nutritional criteria. We do not use added preservatives and food dyes.
Our passion for the customer leads us to satisfying the requirements of fresh food as well as frozen food users. Besides our internal self-control systems we also avail ourselves of BRC and IFS certifications.