About us

Our Origins

In 1962, an Italian couple from the Emilia Romagna region, Gino Boccedi and Norma Pifferi founded a small laboratory that produced authentic Italian fresh pasta. Since then, our region has seen the Boccedi & Pifferi factory evolve steadily and dynamically, until the small initial project began to grow, turning into a genuine industrial reality known throughout the country as Real Pasta. The development, however, has not changed the initial characteristics of the pasta factory, which has never lost its authenticity, its passion, and its link with tradition that has always characterized it.

Our Mission

Today, our goal is to blend innovation and tradition, in full respect of the values of the old-fashioned cuisine, to make the consumer rediscover the unique pleasure of sitting at the table and savoring the flavors of yesteryear that are still unmatched, so as not to lose the taste of absolute excellence that has always defined the production of Emilian homemade fresh pasta.